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Jenna McArthur Mustela campaign | Ink! Communications
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Jenna McArthur Mustela campaign

Blogger & influencer collab
About This Project

Influencer and new mom Jenna McArthur shares her journey about how she manages little Noa’s eczema and how Mustela products have helped her. The NPO @Hatch_ZA, which provides baby essentials starter kit for new moms from underprivileged areas, is close to her heart. Mustela has issued the challenge to Jenna’s followers, asking them to comment on her Instagram post. For every comment, a newborn starter pack will be given to a new mum in need.


Campaign content


  • Instagram
  • Product & lifestyle shoot
  • Education on eczema-prone skin treatment
  • Interview and Q&A video with paediatric allergologist from Cape Town Allergy Clinic
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • E-commerce Call-To-Action